The Valerie Solanas

The Valerie Solanas

The Valerie Solanas
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Crooners with a punk attitude

The Valerie Solanas is a modern Antwerp quartet that creates an oldschool sound offering a confident mix of pop music, big band swing and psychedelic accents.

“Drinking whiskey in style, dressed like a pimp”, The Stick once wrote in his diary.

A unique flavor is added by the prominent feature of the flute played by singer, or should we say crooner, Michaël Brijs. Add Filip Vandebrils sturdy bass, the rich harmonics of Tom Tiest and the light but firm drumming of Diederik Van Remoortere and you get a feel of Sinatra with a punk attitude.

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The Shtick created the album artwork for the L.P. and singles of Elevator Girl, the debut album of the Valerie Solanas.

Elevator Girl was recorded in 2009 at Ghosttown Studios in Hemiksem, where respected bands suh as dEUS, Dead Man Ray and the Rudy Trouvé septet have worked. The album was produced by Thomas de Prins, member of Scoreman Orchestra and The Internationals, who recently composed an excellent soundtrack for the movie Zig Zag Kid, starring Isabella Rossellini.

Adding The Shtick to this list of famous names was an excellent boost for the reputation of both The Shtick and the famous people.


Strange, sexy and surrealistic

The image used for the album artwork came to life under guidance of The Shtick. The goal was to create a bizarre and surrealistic atmosphere, with an enjoyable portion of false bottoms. Song titels such as “Smart Ass”, “Neon Lights”, “Elevator Girl” and “The Sheepshagger” inspired us to set this sexy and maybe even pervy tone to the picture.

They asked The Shtick to be on the picture too, but his answer was loud and clear:

“Say what? You want my tight body on your cover?

Eventually everybody agreed his inappropriate pose was not an added value to the album.

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No shit, Sherlock. You're looking for more?

The Shtick has two more projects for you to enjoy. Random, like a number between 1 and 6.


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