Hair- and make-up artists

Blonde is beauty and brains. As hair-and make-up artists, they can make the Shtick look good, even when he doesn’t. When they needed a portfolio website, The Shtick created an unconventional bunch of webpages with some fancy parallax scrolling and text stacked upon picture. A proper ‘DAMN’ is in place here.

Beside the website, The Shtick was held responsible for the branding of Blonde, resulting is the usual logo on a business card and a series of brochures used as teaching material in workshops. The Shtick is not responsible for creating little white pencils.

So you want to shine like The Shtick? I feel you. The link you are looking for is

The Shtick has a lawyer and he stated:

Although the little pencils have a lot of resemblance to the Shtick – they are both attractive and sharp as hell – there is no clear evidence to proof my client has anything to do with it. Yet.

Gosh, there's plenty more where that came from.

The Shtick selected two more projects for you to enjoy. Random, like chatroulette, but without a single dick or fanny.

The Shtick is digging it

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