Talent! Got some?

Got some?

Hey you

Hooray for landing on a very special page. The Shtick already adores you – now that’s something. Did you know The Shtick is always on the lookout for new talent? It doesn’t matter what branche you’re in, what size you are or what song by Daniel Romano you can sing along backwards while rolling a cigarette with one hand.

The Shtick needs passion – lots of it. Whether you’re a professional, an amateur, a student or the Mayor himself. Contact us and grab our attention. Challenge accepted? That’s more like it.

Not convinced? Perhaps browsing the portfolio make you feel like that one time you realised God is a fake and The Shtick is your saviour. It’s true, it’s going to be awesome.

Holy smoke, you’re still reading. Now go snoop around (and don’t mention the war).



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