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The Sinksenfoor – one of Belgiums biggest and most notorious fair – was held on a brand new location for the first time in more than 15 years in 2015. The city of Antwerp made a big effort to turn this edition into a succes. Shtick was more than happy to be part of it. After winning a pitch against several other pencils and brushed, The Shtick created a smart web-tool – optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone – that helps you discover the brand new Sinksenfoor.

Beside the regular information about the location and how to get there, an overview of the different events and rides, a custom map of the fairground was created. Using the GPS of your smartphone or tablet, the web-tool would locate you on the map and show you the directions to your favourite rides. On top of that you could create a to-do list in order to prepare your visit.

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In 2015, over 30 000 people used the application, generating over 250 000 page views, during the 6 weeks of the fair. Fun fact: mobile was just a little bit higher (57%) than the use on desktop (43%)

Even more heartwarming was the very low bounce rate (only 9%), which means more than 90% of the visitors who landed on the site actually used it.

The Shtick was at it again in 2016 with an updated version of the web-app. The results were even better.

The Shtick was responsible for the concept and design of the web-tool. He even provided every ride and stall at The Sinksenfoor with pictures and descriptions.

For the wicked hardcore-map development, he asked for a helping… eh… pencil point. His friends from UNDEFINED used their magic and joined the ride.

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