Ask a 4-year old what he wants to be when he grows up and he will say ‘firefighter’. Or graphic designer if his dad is The Shtick.

This artwork is used in nursery schools to teach the little rascals about fire, firefighters and every little aspect that comes along with it.

The package that was handed out to the teachers contains a book with shtickers (get it?), a colouring book, several beautiful prints and more educational material to show the variety of important and heroic work our Firefighters do.

The Shtick is damn proud of you, guys! Damn proud!

In preparation, The Shtick, visited the Fire Station at the Noorderlaan – the famous street, sung by Admiral Freebee in the song There’s a Road (Noorderlaan) – and was shown around. This tour was translated in the section visual of the fire station.

Gosh, there's plenty more where that came from.

The Shtick selected two more projects for you to enjoy. Random, like chatroulette, but without a single dick or fanny.

The Shtick is digging it

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