Oscar and The Wolf

Oscar and The Wolf

Oscar and The Wolf

When Max Colombie participated the Belgian preselections for Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, The Stick could smell the talent from a distance. Like Stanley Kubrick predicted iPads in his 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shtick foresaw world domination for little Maxie Waxie.

5 years later, when Colombie started his band Oscar And The Wolf, everybody was ready to embrace the sweaty electropop that brings them to multiple main stages across the planet. The Shticks prediction came true, once again. 

oscar and the worlf 16
oscar and the worlf 25
oscar and the worlf 34
oscar and the worlf 44

Oscar And The Wolfs official trademark is sexy dancing, The Shticks trademark is creating sexy artwork. Perfect match.

No shit, Sherlock. You're looking for more?

The Shtick has two more projects for you to enjoy. Random, like a number between 1 and 6.


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