‘Nuff said

‘Nuff said

‘Nuff said

The Shtick’s description of ‘Nuff Said is “a delightful bazaar stuffed with soul, funk, comedy and literature.” They serve a healthy dose of social criticism on a monthly base, in ccBerchem.

‘Nuff Said is also spreading out towards venues such as C-mine (Genk), De Warande (Turnhout) and Worm (Rotterdam).


This event is hosted by Johan Petit, frontman of Martha Tentatief and therefore expert in exposing the nerves of our surrounding society. Another recurring factor is the cosmical musical gang BRZZVLL, who play improvised dance music with a jazz-fusion, funk and rare groove sound like those of the 70’s.

Everybody knows when The Shtick starts to dance, he’s not into romance!


‘Nuff Said caught the attention of Canvas, who gave them the airtime they deserved. For four weeks, the show took place in a television studio and was broadcasted all over Flanders.

The Shtick designed the TV scene decoration, the billboards and the TV visuals for this series of shows. For the regular shows, he took care of the decoration of the hall, the website, prints and T-shirts. 


The Shtick could say a lot more about ‘Nuff Said, but… insert wordplay joke to the fact we said enough here.

Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Want more?

The Shtick picked two more projects from the pile. Random, like twists in David Lynch movies.


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