Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Federal-Mogul Motorparts
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Federal Mogul is an international player in the automotive aftermarket, crafting brakes, wipers, sealings, engine parts, lightings, filters, chemicals, and many more.

The Shtick is a player too. 

Brands like Moog, Ferodo, Champion, Wagner and many more, each have a specific market. The Shtick is responsible for multiple artwork for multiple brands.

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The Shtick and Federal Mogul go back a long time. When The Shtick was still a little pencil, it started doing small assignments, but over the years they bonded like Chandler and Monica – except for the part where they ended up sleeping together. 

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Paint me green and call me a cucumber. Not enough?

The Shtick dug up two more projects for your eyes. Random, like Peter's thoughts in Family Guy.


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