Born in Antwerp

Born in Antwerp

Born in Antwerp
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The Shtick is born in Antwerp

After several pitch rounds, The Shtick was selected to create the smartphone application for Born In Antwerp. This prestigious project from Stad Antwerpen (City of Antwerp) wanted to highlight the large amount of creativity in the city.

Our gut feeling told us this shouldn’t be yet another app nobody is waiting for. Discover this case in detail.

An award winning app

Meet Bo, an interactive chat-Bot that guides you through the app. Bo suggest events, tells you fun facts about Antwerp and even cracks you up every once in a while. The whole conversation is like a giant chat-message and unique for every user. The more you talk to Bo, the better you get to know each other.

Bo was rewarded with a gold MIXX Award. Read the whole case here.

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Besides the conversation part, The Shtick was game for implementing a game – right – into the app: a creative tour through the city. Every level in the game reveals an idea that was Born in Antwerp.

Go download this beauty in your favorite store (App StoreGoogle Play). Big up for the client for diving into this unique project with us and props to the coding ninjas at UNDEFINED for programming all night to make it happen.

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Paint me green and call me a cucumber. Not enough?

The Shtick dug up two more projects for your eyes. Random, like Peter's thoughts in Family Guy.


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