When you tell the employees at Manus they are very hands on, they add another tally mark to the wall. Manus means hand in Latin and their logo is a hand. Not funny at all. Nobody told Steve Jobs that one per day would keep the doctor away, right? Bottom line: thou shalt not make fun of a fine brand.

When they needed a brand new website for their growing business in the social economy, The Shtick was there to be their helping h… (almost).

Custom icons to point out the different services – handmade by The Shtick – were used on the website and will be used in several on- and offline derivatives.

Minor silly elements and animation sneaked into the website to cope with the amount of dry content.

Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Want more?

The Shtick picked two more projects from the pile. Random, like twists in David Lynch movies.

The Shtick is digging it

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