HVH Architecten

HVH Architecten

HVH architects are Inne Van Herle and Koen Heyvaert. They work together since 2006 and concentrate on house-building, whereby they love to ensure a contemporary, purposeful and qualitative architecture.

Both have an inductive way of working that emphasizes the importance of a good dialogue between customer, architect and master builder. A made-to-measure result is of the essence.

A Solid Logo

The Shtick enjoyed a nice and clear dialogue with HVH to create their website, branding and company logo. Together, they determined that a solid label would fit this reliable architectural office best.

No shit, Sherlock. You're looking for more?

The Shtick has two more projects for you to enjoy. Random, like a number between 1 and 6.

The Shtick is digging it

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