Hellegat is a locally brewed beer in Niel, Belgium. After brewer Olivier Opdebeeck successfully experimented with flavours in his garage, it was time to create a brand.

[Enter The Shtick]
[Thunderous applause]

A fresh, modern look ‘n feel with a hint of authenticity was created.

The name Hellegat is referring to a little hamlet in Niel, hometown of ancient brickmakers. Notice the gentle reference?


hellegat bottles

The current range of Hellegat beers contains a blonde, a brown and a tripel. It is served on several local occasions such as the fair in Niel.

It’s not (yet) available for sale, only The Shtick has a little personal stock. In case of emergency. 

hellegat beercap
hellegat glass
hellegat 4pack

Nobody was shocked when The Shtick insisted on tasting all beers before even considering the acceptance of this challenge. Halfway the second crate he decided it was all good.


Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Want more?

The Shtick picked two more projects from the pile. Random, like twists in David Lynch movies.


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