Back to school with ‘Buitenklas’


Back to school with ‘Buitenklas’

As a creative entrepreneur, but also as a parent, these are extraordinary times. Getting your kids back to school in the safest possible way is not only a must for the kids and the school itself. It can also make a world of difference in our collective quality of life.

Buitenklas is a simple DIY concept for primary schools to take learning outside.

The goal is very simple: turn every open space into a safe class environment. Watch the video below for more information.

What does Buitenklas offer?

  • Room for up to 20 kids, with enough space for a desk, chair or yoga mat.
  • Four square meters, clearly marked for every student.
  • Clearly marked routes around and through the classroom to allow the teacher to safely interact with students on an individual basis.
  • Ideas for how to make the most of Buitenklas by creating formats for individual study, group or partner work and a theater style.

A grid-based, open-source, easily customizable concept.

The foundation of Buitenklas is a 2×2 meter square. Choose the size of your grid based on how much space you have and then start making those squares. Don’t forget to leave a the right distance between them though, to create safe routes for the teacher to move around and through the classroom.

Want to test Buitenklas for a day? Will the class be moved from one location to another? Use some plain old chalk. Looking for a one-week solution that’s a bit sharper? Make a stencil and use spray chalk. Are you convinced that Buitenklas works for you and you want to keep it visible for as long as possible? Tape is a decent option, but using a stencil and paint will keep it looking fresh longer.

Please note this is not a commercial product. We invite everybody to try it out or make your own version of it. The concept of ‘Buitenklas’ was created by BUMP and SHTICK. We want to encourage rethinking the classroom, start the conversation and hopefully help to come up with a solution.


Now it’s your turn.

Download the how-to guide in English or in Dutch

The templates can be found here.

Questions or suggestions?

Please feel free to contact Yves Hellemans ( or Brett Kobie (

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