Hello world, here’s Vincent


Hello world, here’s Vincent

To be fair: we had a great word-joke, but it doesn’t work in English. It was about the fact we are a team of 8 people now. 8 is an even number, which would make Shtick even better. Works in Flemish, but doesn’t quite do the job in English. Too bad.

In other news: Vincent arrived. After a *add adjectives here* internship of 3 months, we knew we had to keep him. His technical skills, motivation and know-how are a great add-on to the team.

So, from now on, Vincent will no longer be heading towards our office because Thomas Moore asked him to. With a cross-media certificate in his his pocket, Vincent is now officially a working class hero. Please note that, VDAB. Please do.

Sooooo… Team Shtick is growing from 7 to 8. This is where the word-joke takes place. Vincent adds a technological value to Shtick and we are more than happy with that. Creative technologist, front-end ninja or cross-media developer… you name it. We just call our new colleague Vincent. Or Vinnie. But not Steven. Never Steven. Let’s all agree on that one, okay?

For all you fact checkers out there: there is an article in PUB Magazine, so you know it’s true.

Well scrolled. The Shtick is proud of you. Now try something else,or enjoy yourself with the terms.

The Shtick is digging it

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