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The work on this website is the result of long rough creative days and nights. All done under the 4 commandments of this manifest, handwritten by The Shtick himself in the summer of ’69.

When creating – in the broadest sense of the word: ideas, campaigns, activations, prints, digitals… – beauty shall emerge, first in our mind, then in the elaboration, and finally in the mind of the audience.

Thou shalt evolve a heart for design, a hands-on approach and a passion for creating relevance that shticks to an audience. There, a pun. Well intended.

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The mystical power of a hands-on approach shall reach further than attractive visuals and well-thought-out designs. It shall lead to a path where interaction is key. The challenge to see the bigger picture and to merge all different channels into a strong, relevant message shall be accepted.

Creation is in function of the user experience: grabbing attention, never letting go and creating a memorable interaction with a brand, product or service – like Salma Hayek did with Tarantino in From Dusk Till Dawn. You don’t have to Google that, do you? 

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