Fresh talent for The Shtick


Fresh talent for The Shtick

After a long and intense quest for new talent — The Shtick received more letters than Santa Claus — a perfect match was found in Sarah Herlant. With a degree of Graphic Design with specialisation in Illustration and Comic Design in her pocket, Sarah and The Shtick are complementary like mac & cheese.

Sarah did an internship at These Days, where she earned her stripes on the advertising battlefield. The Shtick will make use of Sarah’s passion for illustration and storytelling — if you can publish your own comics, The Shtick is — besides impressed — convinced telling stories in in your blood.

Those of you little rascals who remember the open vacancy from The Shtick, should remember the three magical, yet silly questions. They were meant to trigger creativity, but had absolutely no influence on the selection progress. AKA they meant nothing.

“The answers Sarah gave were irrefutable, decisive, solid and innovative”, according to Bas Derks, graphic designer for The Shtick. Special thanks for those useful words, Bas. They mean the world to… er… the world.

Well scrolled. The Shtick is proud of you. Now try something else,or enjoy yourself with the terms.

The Shtick is digging it

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