Fact check: Has The Shtick moved to a new office?


Fact check: Has The Shtick moved to a new office?

In short: YES! Please jot down our new address: Bestormingstraat 5, 2018 Antwerp. This is not fake news. While the country no longer has a gouvernement, The Shtick on the other hand, has a new office. More space, more plants, a bigger desk, a kitchen with actual kitchen stuff, a bathroom and a cosy separate room for phone calls, meetings and naps. The start of a new era. Bring on the bourbon.


Our new street combines the cozy bustle of the Brederodestraat and the epicentre of hipness, as it is close to the heart of Antwerp. The Shtick itself had the following quote prepared: “Not now, I’m eating a pineapple with knife and fork. Go find out yourself.”

And so it happened. History is writing itself as we speak. Again.


Well scrolled. The Shtick is proud of you. Now try something else,or enjoy yourself with the terms.

The Shtick is digging it

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